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Expand into Engineering-Grade UAV LiDAR with NO Capital Costs

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

If you are considering the use of a high-resolution high-quality UAV-based LiDAR system for your engineering or mapping projects, Aerial Analytics is here to help! Providing independent, third-party data collection services for the Engineering & Construction community is our specialty.

Engineering-grade UAV-based LiDAR systems and licensed staffing require substantial investments in capital and operational know-how. Let us perform the flight operations and manage the LiDAR laser systems as an outsourced service provider so that you can focus on your core engineering business. Already have a drone LiDAR team? We can augment your existing operations on an excess capacity basis.

Aerial Analytics deploys the RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV sensor / Sony Alpha 6000 RGB camera with the APX-20 IMU/GNSS for direct geo-referencing to generate precise, 3D data and point cloud models of natural and man-made environments. Our fully calibrated LAS files are exportable into AutoCAD, CIVIL 3D, MicroStation, Infraworks and other platforms for multiple applications within the architectural, engineering and construction industry.

Grayscale 3D LiDAR point cloud of a forested development site

Canopied forest removed to access the digital surface of the development site

To learn more, please visit us at or contact us by telephone at 919-417-2343 or by email at

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